Twin Atlantic – at The Wardrobe on 28 January

After her conversation with band member Ross McNae, Paige Clayton was revved up and ready for Twin Atlantic’s performance, which was  “Effortlessly electric with undeniable sex appeal”.

This week I was lucky enough to go and see Twin Atlantic at The Wardrobe in Leeds City Centre, who were there to build momentum and celebrate the new album Power, which they released on 24th January. 

Being a huge Twin Atlantic fan from the age of 12, I was so excited to see my old favourites live once again. I didn’t really know what to expect. With the new music being quite different from their classic tunes (my favourite being Brothers & Sisters), I hoped that they hadn’t lost the edgy sound that made them so great in the first place.  I needn’t have worried!

Twin Atlantic have a way of making their newest singles sound as nostalgic as their hits from 13 years ago. I honestly don’t know how they do it. I found myself singing along to songs I’ve only heard a handful of times because they’re that damn catchy. The numbers from the new album were so effortlessly electric, and they played some crowd favourites from their past, including Brothers & Sisters and the arguably most famous song, Heart and Soul, which was obviously a happy surprise for everyone in the audience. 

The crowd was incredible. I’m usually one to stick to the back, comfortable enough that I can see what’s going on but also have my own personal space bubble remain intact. However, for this event, I threw out the rule book. I was down there, front and (not so much) centre (but you get the idea!) I was dancing, singing and heckling like it was 2007! I can’t remember the last time I was at a gig that gave me that rush of feelings. Twin Atlantic took notice of their audience. They vibed off their reactions to each song and even pointed out the guy standing next to me for wearing a shirt from their 2009 tour and thanked him for his dedication. Such a great touch. Then, at the end of their 40 minute set (yes, I felt a little deprived when I was left wanting more at 8:40) they stayed back to do signings. The queue was pretty much everyone in the venue. 

As a reviewer for Leeds Living, I was lucky enough to get a plus one to this event, so I could take my friend Charlotte. She understands my undying love for Twin and wouldn’t judge my terrible dancing or be embarrassed by my questionable singing. But there’s one thing that we were both unanimous on from this gig – the sex appeal of Sam McTrusty. He had a very Brandon Flowers vibe about him that was doing great things for his stage presence. The way he worked the stage, from moving his hips and throwing the mic to reaching into the group – it was insane. It’s not a surprise that the majority of the audience were swooning throughout all of Oh! Euphoria!

It’s honestly a night that I’ll never forget. The feeling I had when I left the venue was phenomenal. The whole night was electric and I can’t wait to see Twin Atlantic again on their next tour.

All photographs by Jazz Jennings.

Paige’s conversation with Ross McNae is here.

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Paige Clayton

Paige Clayton

Paige is an MA graduate working in hospitality marketing.  She's a coffee enthusiast, avid foodie and theatre-goer. You'll probably find her on Instagram @_PaigeEliza

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