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Leeds Cyber Security Conference – 20 October 2015

15 October 2015
Leeds Cyber Security Conference – 20 October 2015
In an age where the digital reigns and more and more social and business transactions take place ‘online’, it goes without saying that cyber security should be a priority must-have. Exploring the themes of threats and risks of cyber-crime, The CSE 2015 Cyber Security Conference takes place on the 20th of October at Aspire Leeds, exploring the operations and tactics of cyber-crime, cyber-crime prevention techniques and the impact that cyber-crime has on us as individuals, as businesses and our families…

CSE 2015 Cyber Security conference brings together leaders as well as suppliers of the world’s leading technology in Cyber Security. A full day event, the conference includes a key note address by Richard Bach, the Assistant Director for Cyber Security in the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport, along with other industry specific seminars and talks by inspirational speakers running throughout the day. CSE 2015 is also an ideal opportunity for networking with the chance to explore some of the leading technology in the battle against Cyber Crime.

Here’s a quick look at the agenda:

8:30: Coffee and Registration

09.10: The Cyber-Crime Landscape

Gary Hibberd | Managing Director Agenci

A practical look at what exactly is cyber-crime; taking an exciting dip into the deep and dark web and looking at the real risks to you, your business and your family. Gary will set the scene for rest of the day.

09:30: Cyber Security and the National Infrastructure

Dr Adam Beaumont | CEO at aql

Cyber security and national infrastructure, including national infrastructure resilience. Leeds is becoming a key player in the national infrastructure and Dr Adam Beaumont will review the place that Leeds is taking.

09:50: Cyber Security and the Law

Matthew Hattersley | Partner and Head of Commercial and IT, Clarion

Matthew, a partner at Clarion solicitors, will look at the law as it applies to cyber security and changes coming to the Data Privacy laws. He will highlight the potential red flags for both individuals and business.

10:10: The Known Unknowns of Cyber Security

Simon Monaghan | Business Doctors

Simon has a wealth of business experience and will look at a truly business perspective on cyber security. He will highlight the known unknowns that business faces on a daily basis.

10:30: Cyber Stalking, Cyber Abuse and Trolling

Jennifer Perry | CEO Digital Trust

Today we lead digital lives. We use mobiles, social media, email, shop online and much more. So, if someone wants to upset, scare or intimidate us they will use technology to do it. Digital abuse includes: bullying, harassment, stalking, domestic abuse, trolling, revenge and hate campaigns.

“We are here to help you be safer. Digital Trust brings together technologists and professionals who understand about abuse and the criminal justice system. Together we can help you understand digital risks and what to do about it.”

11:00: Coffee and Networking break

11:30: The Impact of Crisis and Disaster on People

Kevin Tasker | Clinical Partner, The Centre for Crisis Psychology

Kevin will be looking at the human impact of a crisis. When things go wrong, it may well be all well and good having business continuity and technical solutions in place, but what is the human impact we should consider?

12:00: Sungard-Availability-Services-UK-Logo

Dr Sandra Bell | BC & ISDG European Practice Manager, Sungard Availability Services (UK) Limited

Crisis management and disaster recovery are topics we hope business never has to face, but when it does – what should you do?

12:20: Hacking and Pen Testing

John Stock | Technology Program Director at Outpost24

John will look at the technical side of hacking and pen testing and provide valuable insight into the tools and methods of the modern hacker. He will also show what we can do to better protect ourselves.

12:40: Naomi Riches MBE

At the 2012 London Paralympic Games Naomi Riches achieved what some athletes only dream of: winning a Gold Medal at a home Games. Naomi is an inspirational speaker.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Insights of a Professor of Criminology

Professor David S. Wall, BA (Hons), MA, MPhil, PG Cert, PhD Professor Wall specialises in cyber-crime and cyber criminology. He will look at the advances in cyber-crime and review the research and what it implies.

14:30: Cyber-Crime and the Police

Geoff Halpin, Detective Inspector at Yorkshire & The Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit.

Geoff will look at a police perspective on cyber-crime, providing insights and a look into the criminal mind and cyber-crime trends.

14:50: Tear up What You Think You Know about Cyber Insurance

Richard Hodson | Director, Technology Insurance, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Richard will look at the state of current cyber insurance and challenge you to think again about what you think you know.

15:10: Keynote Speech

Richard Bach | Assistant Director – Cyber Security | Digital Economy Unit

Richard is Assistant Director for Cyber Security in the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport, where his focus is on delivering key initiatives within the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy, including the development and adoption of a range of cyber security standards, and specifically the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

15:40: Conference Insight

Alfie Moore | Radio 4 performer, comedian and ex policeman

Alfie will close the conference. Alfie is a versatile and distinctly humorous after dinner speaker, BBC Radio 4 presenter and comedy writer with his niche area as a serving police sergeant (albeit currently on a sabbatical). A natural and truly charismatic raconteur, his thrilling insights into life at the front- line of the police force will not only alter your perspective on the ‘boys in blue’ but also have you in fits of laughter!

16:30: Networking Bar

After conference networking with your networking hosts Clarion and Agenci. Join the conference speakers in the networking bar after the event. A great opportunity to meet the speakers, business leaders and leading lights from the world of Cyber Security.

Interested? For more details about the conference and to register visit: CSE 2015 Cyber Security Conference

Kam is a Business Writer for Leeds Living. Having joined in April 2015 she writes for the Strictly Business section and specialises in business editorials.