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National Sausage Week 2015

5 November 2015
National Sausage Week 2015
In case you were unaware, the 2nd to the 8th of November is National Sausage Week! This week, the nation comes together to celebrate the ‘humble banger’ and what better way to do that, than to eat as many sausages as possible; but there’s no need to cook your own bangers. This is the ultimate list of where to find the best sausages in Leeds!

National Sausage Week Article 1 Sausage and mash by Whitelock's Ale House

Whitelock's Ale House

If you like to enjoy sausages in an historical setting, look no further than Whitelock's Ale House. The oldest pub in Leeds honours British sausages every day of the week. Their sausages and mash comes for £10 and food is served from 12-9pm. Of course, it wouldn’t be Whitelock’s without ale, so this portion of sausages comes with ale and onion gravy. As an added bonus, Whitelock’s sells Lishman’s sausages which come from an Award winning Yorkshire butcher. If Whitelock’s bangers sound too tasty to miss out on, make sure you head down to Turks Head Yard, just off Briggate.

The Black Swan

Celebrating British Sausage Week with a bang, Black Swan has an impressive deal on this week. They’ve developed a special sausage menu where you can create ‘your own bangers and mash’. There are three sausage options, three mash options and even three different types of gravy! You’ll be spoilt for choice and all this for only £9.95. Move quickly to enjoy this deal, as it’s only available until the 8th. It’s recommended to book online before going as it’s expected to be very popular. The Black Swan can be found on Call Lane.


Don’t like mash? If the only sausage for you comes in a bun, then go straight to Primo’s. Located in the Corn Exchange, Primo’s specializes in hot dogs. But don’t worry there are no wieners here; they only use the finest quality meat. The combinations are endless, ranging from Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos and guacamole to onions, mustard and dill pickles. There are vegan options available with just as exciting toppings! Step away from tradition this Sausage Week and try something new at Primo’s.

Mrs Atha’s

If you haven’t got time for bangers for tea this week, have them for breakfast instead. Mrs Atha’s sausage sandwich (vegan sausages available too) will fill you up for the day, while still managing to leave you wanting more! Coming with a healthy serving of tomato ketchup and on thickly sliced bread, these sausages are not to be missed out on. A bargain at £4, find them tucked away behind House of Fraser.

Don’t just celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks this year; mix it up with an extra bang and go mad for sausages. National Sausage Week only comes around once a year, so don’t forget to sample some bangers. If you do want to cook your own, make sure you go for Yorkshire’s finest and get them at Kirkgate Market.

By Esther Marshall
Esther is a Volunteer Writer for Leeds Living covering events all across the city, on topics such as eat/drink, retail therapy, music/dance and culture.