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The Junk Boat Building Challenge

25 September 2015
The Junk Boat Building Challenge
Did you know that together we generate over 400,000 tons of waste in Leeds alone each year? Taking advantage of this and to mark National Recycle Week, a group of volunteers gathered at Granary Wharf during Leeds Waterfront Festival to build a boat out of junk!

Under the slogan ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’ a group of volunteers worked all day Saturday using all forms of junk to put together a boat/raft.

The group hard at work:

Junk Boat - Article 2

The place was scattered with junk from old tires and wooden boxes to plastic cans. Save for an odd screw or cable tie each piece of material being used was waste. The team worked away the whole of Saturday amidst eager onlookers, all enjoying the beautiful weather and in anticipation of seeing the boat sail the following day.

Look at all this junk:

Junk Boat - Article 3

By Sunday evening, the ‘junk boat’ was ready to take to the water! And after being tested at Granary Wharf all morning the boat managed to sail through the main stretch of the river Aire and was paddled all the way to Leeds Dock!

Junk boat sailing away:

Junk Boat - Article

This year was a test event and the group hopes to run a full-scale junk boat competition and race next year.

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