The voice of the older generation is an important one; we are often left out of the narrative, or are included only when we come under the category of ‘vulnerable’, and there’s a lot more to us than that!


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Some of you may remember that back in the day when we were also in print, I wrote a note each month for our magazine. At a time when so many things are changing for all of us, I feel Leeds Living should make its own changes and, though I'm not sure it will be a monthly thing, in truth, I'm not sure of much right now, this is my first online note to you. All being well, there will be many more.

If you have visited us before, you'll have already noticed some changes. After the lockdown, a lot of our content started to feel meaningless or simply incorrect and that had to be tackled. We have now adapted the website to make way for a new direction in content. There's still some way to go, but I felt it was wrong to keep the site offline any longer, so here it is, for now a work in progress that we'll be building upon.

These are challenging times indeed and no more so than for our much loved indies. Supporting them continues to be our focus, but I worry about how many will survive the weeks and months ahead, I worry about the people affected by the impact this crisis is having on those businesses and ultimately I worry about our City. I made Leeds my home almost 30 years ago and during that time I've seen the growing number of small businesses give this City its soul, its individuality, its character; and to think that could be lost is heartbreaking.

Of course I realise we are all finding it hard right now and money is undoubtedly a concern for most of us, but the next time you think of filling the bank accounts of the supermarkets, then, if you don't already, please spare a thought for the businesses that really need a share of your hard earned. Then, finally, try to imagine our high streets occupied by nothing other than McDonald's, Starbucks and Tesco. Ultimately, the people will return, but let's try to make sure they have something worth returning to.

Stay safe, stay home and wash your mitts!

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