A Cinema That Everyman Should Try

Everyman cinema is an experience that allows the audience to watch a film in a way that most people are not used to….. unless you watch new films in the comfort of your living room.

With double sofas, a bar outside the screens and waiters who will bring food and drink to your table so you can carry on viewing, this is an experience everyone should have.

On my arrival, I was greeted by a friendly concierge who printed my ticket and politely directed me upstairs to the bar.  As I walked up the stairs at Everyman, I noticed the walls are plastered with posters and artwork from classic films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which creates a retro atmosphere that you take in as you climb the rustic steel staircase.

I browsed the large food and drinks menu and decided to order a bottle of Estrella whilst I waited and a margherita pizza for the film. Prices are high, with a small pizza and a beer costing you a tenner, but the quality and service are top notch and worth paying extra for.

After enjoying my beer in the rather impressive seating area, I decided to wander across to screen three, where Creed 2 was being shown. I was met at the front of the cinema by an attendant who showed me to my seat and asked if there was anything she could get for me.

Photograph by Alex Armitstead.

The cinema itself is a masterpiece: with vintage lighting across the walls, curtains either side of the screen creating a stage like setting and a small table with a wine cooler next to every seat, the difference between this and other cinemas was something to appreciate. Classic fold-up cinema seats have been replaced by comfortable sofas and cushions, and my food arrived a few minutes after I entered and was one of the better pizzas that I’ve had.

Before the film started, another attendant walked to the front of the cinema and welcomed everyone, explaining that the bar was just outside, and any food or drinks could be ordered there – a nice touch, adding a more personal feel to the experience.

For readers who may be interested in Creed 2, it is a box office heavyweight that is very entertaining, despite some shaky moments in the story. The film builds up momentum as it goes along, eventually leading to a huge showdown at the end where Adonis fights the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father in the ring three decades ago. It is easily watchable and really felt like a classic Rocky film. Michael B Jordan is excellent and with advancements in cinema technology, the boxing scenes really were something to marvel at, not to mention the soundtrack, which was close to perfect.

Since opening in 2013, this unique establishment has set itself apart from the more commercial venues. The level of comfort and service it provides compared with other options such as Vue or Showcase makes it the premier cinema in Leeds. Despite the high prices, Everyman is a polished film experience that every film fanatic and casual movie goer alike should try.  A gem not to be missed.

Feature photograph by Alex Armitstead.

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are provided by Everyman.

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