Declan McKenna’s New Album – Reviewed

You Better Believe!!! Declan Mckenna has bestowed the brand new album Zeros, and my God is it good. Following in the footsteps of debut “What Do You Think of the Car?” Zeros is already on the path to being the voice of its generation.  The 10 track album packs punch after punch, with Declan’s strengths […]

In Conversation With APRE

Brothers Charlie and Jules of APRE chat to Leeds Living’s Charlotte Staunton Gill, about why they love Leeds (over a few other cities), what it takes to be touring musicians and why they have chosen to do a mini album for their upcoming release of “Always in my Head” . How has lockdown treated you […]

In Conversation With The Big Moon

The Big Moon have been a staple in the indie music scene after signing with Fiction Records,  and longtime fan Charlotte Staunton Gill got to chat to Celia Archer about the process of writing Walking Like We Do, and the social responsibility of being a band in the social media era.  How have you guys […]

In Conversation With Catrin Vincent, Another Sky

London’s very own Another Sky released their debut album “I Slept On the Floor” via legendary label Fiction Records, and I, Charlotte Staunton Gill, had the pleasure of chatting to Catrin about what the band have been up to and what’s in store for future shows.  Since the release of their debut single in 2018, […]

The Voices of Men – Leeds Filmmaker Jonny White

Leeds based filmmaker Jonny White releases a new passion project titled The Voices of Men, opening up the difficult conversation surrounding men’s mental health.  The video is packed with statistics and personal stories of men who have mental health conditions. One that grabs you straight away is the fact that there are globally 800,000 people […]