Ben Haskins New Release on HPBC Records

During Covid restrictions musical networks sometimes strengthened and bore fruit. The regular jazz nights at the Hyde Park Book Club (HPBC) have led to a number of releases, despite forced separation from the venue. The latest of these, by the Ben Haskins Quartet, is clearly the product of lockdown. The double A side on HPBC […]

Mel Brimfield: From This World, to That Which is to Come – at The Tetley

The exhibition is open online now, with the physical gallery set to open from 21 May. As lockdown begins to ease, the Tetley’s new exhibition From This World, to That Which Is to Come seems ideal in terms of construction and content. The Tetley has transformed the exhibition, by artist Mel Brimfield, into something that […]

Lara, A Piano At Night

The last year has changed the ways we interact with people, places and time. Night time for some has taken on new significance; walking at night, working at night or maybe just reflecting. What better time, then, to release a recording that was imagined, recorded and, perhaps, should be enjoyed at night? Lara, A Piano […]

In Conversation With Geraldine Montgomerie of LAHWN

Geraldine Montgomerie tells Debbie Rolls about Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network. How and why was Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network (LAHWN) set up?  The formation of LAHWN was prompted by the 2017 All Party Parliamentary report on Creative Health. Crucial to the establishment of the network were Mick Ward, who recently retired from […]

JAMROCK – brighten up winter with a taste of the Caribbean

When it’s cold and dark it’s good to be reminded of sunshine. It is no coincidence that the BBC schedules Death in Paradise, set on a Caribbean island, for January. It was a similar mindset that drew me to the pink neon of JAMROCK, the new Caribbean restaurant and bar on Calls Lane.  On entering, I imagined friends sipping rum cocktails at […]