Cilla, The Musical – at Leeds Grand Theatre 

Depending on your age, you’ll either know Cilla Black primarily for her music or her TV shows, for You’re My World or ‘a lorra lorra laughs’.  For me, it was the latter, growing up with Cilla in the 1990s hosting Blind Date and Surprise, Surprise. So it was a revelation really to watch Kara Lily […]

In Conversation With Sandrine Monin: Inspired Dancer and Choreographer

Greek mythology, equality and culture in Leeds – Sandrine Monin, Phoenix Dance Theatre, shares her inspiration and approach to choreographing and performing. Sandrine Monin is a dancer in demand.  As I speak with her, not only is she about to head off on tour to perform Sharon Watson’s acclaimed creation Windrush at Latitude Festival, but […]

A Mexican street food experience at Cielo Blanco

Located at the top of Trinity Leeds, with a skylit indoor terrace, Cielo Blanco in the middle of a heatwave felt like an authentic Mexican experience from the get-go. Yes, it was hot and sunny, but the atmosphere of the restaurant and especially the bar inside transports you away from a shopping centre – and […]

Disconnect – Are we addicted to tech?

Judging by the amount of willpower it’s taken for me not to check my phone whilst writing this, it’s now safe to say that the answer to the question posed at the Disconnect event on Saturday is yes, we are addicted to tech. Hosted at the atmospheric Salem Church, neuroscientist, author and TV presenter Dr […]

The Band at Leeds Grand Theatre

Let’s just get one thing straight: if you grew up in the 90s and loved Take That, then this is the closest you’ll ever get to time travelling back and re-living your teenage years. The attention to detail, from the opening credits taken from actual Top of the Pops footage to wardrobe and props makes […]