In Conversation With Chubby Chubbsta and D J Blendz

I came across Chubby Chubbsta, citizen name Jodie, a few months ago whilst doing a detour on my supermarket shopping.  It’s just as well I put my bags and bling before my five a day fruit and veg, because it meant my detour took me to the top of Briggate where Jodie was rapping. Walking in the […]

Street Art – The People’s Gallery

I’m very passionate and a keen champion of street art and the artists who create it.  I don’t feel street art and street artists get the recognition and respect they deserve.   I hope to help change this and want to write about the benefits of street art on mental health, especially during present times. […]

In Conversation With Art Doctors

At the start of lockdown, Fe discovered what Art Doctors is all about – helping people to improve their access to, and participation in contemporary art in all its forms. Hey Art Doctors!  Introduce yourselves, please.Alison:  We’re the Art Doctors.  I’m Alison Mcintyre and this is Liz SterliWe are the founders of the Art Doctors, […]