In Conversation With Mansion of Snakes

Jim Phelps caught up with Mansion of Snakes as they completed their soundcheck at The Brudenell on 1 November.   Bonjour and welcome to Detuned.  It’s been a lovely sunny day in Leeds today and if you believe that you’ll believe anything, but luckily, we’re here today with Mansion of Snakes for their album launch party […]

LIF19 – Bombay Speakeasy

Many people will already be familiar with Below Stairs and Bundobust; many won’t.  They are two very different establishments, the former tucked away underneath a quiet street, the latter squeezed in between two eateries and an endless procession of Mill Hill commuters. One specialises in cocktails, the other in vibrant Gujarati food and craft beer.  […]

In Conversation With Drenge – Live at Leeds 2019

Jim Phelps chats to Eoin from Drenge after their Live at Leeds performance, as another Festival band, Marsicans, start to shake the room below. Jim   How’s it going? Eoin It’s good, yeah.  It’s weird because we spoke to you before our last one in Leeds and now after this one.  They are two totally different […]

In Conversation With Ruth Pitt

On the back of the successful Music:Leeds forum at the Town Hall, Jim Phelps sits down with the recently appointed Chair of Leeds 2023, Ruth Pitt. Can you tell us about the Leeds 2023 culture plan and how you fit into it? Leeds 2023 is a part of the Leeds cultural strategy. We are in […]

Leeds:Music Forum at Leeds Town Hall

Tuesday 5th March 2019 marked the annual Music:Leeds forum, an event held to discuss, support and develop the City’s music scene. Following on from 2017’s event, this year’s forum brought together people engaged in all aspects of music in Leeds and the wider area. It’s fantastic to see Leeds Town Hall filled with so many […]