Why I’m still Meal Prepping in Lockdown

I’m at home all day, every day – doing not an awful lot, to be honest with you – and yet, I’m meal prepping. Why? Well, there are a few reasons, but namely, preparing my meals in advance keeps me in a routine and ensures I don’t fall completely off the bandwagon (it’s been pretty […]

Home Workouts to Stay Active during Lockdown

The world has paused for the first time ever in our lifetime and none of us really knows what day it is. With what looks like a long road to normality, and gyms and fitness centres likely to stay closed for the foreseeable future, we’re in a place with little choice when it comes to […]

How to Manage your Mental Health during Lockdown

It’s likely that the current COVID-crisis is stirring up feelings of anxiety, frustration and depression in almost everyone,so it is perhaps more important than ever to take care of our wellbeing.  The best thing we can do is try to inject some positivity into our days and remind ourselves that these feelings, like the situation, […]

Maintaining Momentum: Find Your Own Goal

Josie Penfold is back to share her experience about how she regained her match strength and fitness. A question I am often asked is where do I get the motivation to continue to go to the gym? How do I still manage to train for up to two hours after completing an eight, sometimes a […]