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A quick 15-minute walk away from the mainstream City Centre hubbub will land you in what appears, at first glance, to be somewhat of a twilight zone. Unless you’re part of the TV industry, or at least in the know, you’d be the first to assume this part of town has little going for it. […]

Assembly Underground – Launched and Already Flying

Situated in a remarkable Grade II listed building on Great George Street, occupying the lower ground space is a little bit of everything you could possibly want in order to quench thirst or sate the appetite, morning, noon or night, 7 days a week. It’s no secret – these guys mean business. Ladies and gents, […]

Oporto Presents: Knaves Kitchen

It was a cold, wintry evening in late November when,aged 33 and three quarter years, I experienced my first vegan meal.  Not just any vegan meal, I hasten to add. Located halfway down the ever-popular Call Lane in the heart of the City lives a popular little hideout named Oporto, and if you venture inside […]

In Conversation With James Tabor

The line rang out and I immediately let out a small, knowing laugh as I was met with assertive, yet jovial southern tones. “Is it really you?” It was an appropriate opening gambit from Essex-born James Tabor, really, considering we’d been trying – and failing miserably – to each pinpoint a moment in a hectic […]

The Cocktail Experience Lives up to its Promise

Aspire, Leeds’ prestigious event space, came alive to the sound of music and cocktail shakers on Thursday as The Cocktail Experience came to the City for the fourth year running.  Sixteen of Leeds’ finest cocktail bars and a whole army of suave, sophisticated mixologists took to two floors, all set to wow the party-goers with […]