The Good Book Reviewed

The cast of short film The Good Book is made up of over 100 citizens of Leeds, performing alongside Riana Duce, Angus Imrie and Katie Eldred.  “In a future Leeds, society is divided between loyalists of the powerful Queen Bear and radical followers of Galahad. Avalon is a young woman desperate not to take sides, […]

Looking Back to Look Forward

Well, readers, I like you am shut inside with no concerts to go to. It’s not all bad: I get time to read and to work on projects long dormant. I’m not particularly ill; and this time gives us all a chance to look back on things, to look forward to what we’ll do after […]

Geisha – A World Premiere by Northern Ballet

Last night, I had the pleasure of enjoying the world’s first performance of Northern Ballet’s ‘Geisha’ – and an induction into the world of the geisha. The story for Geisha was an original creation by the team from Northern Ballet, based on true events in the life of Okichi.  It is not well known in […]

Leeds Lit Fest – Adventure Walk 2020

The 2020 edition of Leeds Lit Fest is in full swing. The festival, which runs from March 4th to March 8th, promises to be unlike any other literature festival in the UK.  It offers unusual and unexpected events, exciting and enlightening exhibitions and wonderful writing workshops across the City. The 100 plus events on offer […]

Cabaret at Leeds Grand Theatre

Cabaret is one of my all-time favourite musicals. As a teenager I devoured the film starring Liza Minelli and as a teacher, I have directed the original stage show.   Both film and stage versions are fantastic, despite having noticeable differences in story and songs. This touring production is the first time I’ve seen this version […]