Yorke Dance Project – California Connections: Three Pioneering Women – a World Premiere

Yorke Dance Project brought the world premiere of California Connections to the Stanley and Audrey Burton theatre on the 23rd November, not only showcasing the company’s wide array of talent and aptitude, but also honouring the legacies of three pioneering female choreographers: Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Bella Lewitzky. Yolande Yorke-Edgell – founder of Yorke […]

Gioachino Rossini: The Barber of Seville, sung sozz ev’ry sof’ bugga gets it!

  BRATFORD OPPRA FESTIVAL Sent Georgi’s ‘All, Bratford Thuzdi 23 Nuvemba 2023  It wer’ mi wust fears realised t’uther deh in t’office when t’editter colls us in forra reet torkin’ tuh …  “Now sithee ‘eer, Tommus, lad,” sez t’owd lass, “a very much dowt  tha rilly noz  yer ‘arp from yer oboe wen it cums t’ […]

Flux: In The Atrium Gallery, Bexley Wing, St James Hospital

Much of the work in Geraint Evans’ first photography exhibition was taken whilst he was confined to his local area by the dual challenges of cancer and COVID. The exhibition is being staged to raise money for the Leeds Hospital Charity, the fundraising arm of the Leeds Cancer Centre. The work on sale has been […]

Yorkshire Writer Steve Draper’s The Girl and The Goldcrest: Reviewed

The author of The Girl and The Goldcrest, Steve Draper, is from Sheffield.  Because it’s Yorkshire and Steve mentioned Leeds Living, we agreed to make an exception to read the 200 page book and review it! I’m glad we did. Steve Draper has managed to address many of today’s social issues whilst retaining the spirit […]