The Leeds Music Scene Deserves More Press!

Leeds Living is looking to build its team of writers, ready for the explosion which will be the return to live music on the stages of our favourite venues. If you haven’t written about your music passion before, but have a lot to say, then now could well be your chance.  We ask that you […]

DMA’S ‘The Glow’ – Not Afraid to Experiment

DMA’S are back, filling our front rooms,headphones and lives with their huge singalong anthems. The Glow, to be released on 10 July, is the newest album bestowed upon us from these much loved indie favourites.  The band has had quite the process in creating this arena-worthy album, working with the Grammy-winning producer Stuart Price. Tommy […]

Review: inner city electronic 2020

Eleven venues, a mind-blowing fifty-one artists – and you love and want to see 90% of them.  Where do you even start?!  When Inner City Electronic Festival lands in Leeds it is beautifully VAST!  We have a great deal to thank RalphLawson for, not just his two decades of loyal service to electronic underground dance […]

Pins at Belgrave Music Hall

The first sign of the Pins gig starting was Abbi alone on stage starting a very cool solo beat: part drum kit, part trigger sample machine. It became more and more infectious as she played, the sound of which really got the crowd buzzing. A few bars in, and all the heads in the crowd […]

The 1975 – at First Direct Arena

Leeds Arena roars with excitement as the room is plunged into darkness, signalling that The 1975 are about to enter the stage.  Teenagers of all genders are screaming, hopping up and down and squeezing each other with glee, and I can feel my own heart thumping faster as I am swept up in their giddiness.  […]