Community Wellbeing Group on 14 May at Hyde Park Book Club

This event for the community is hosted by Crossland Wellbeing, which is a collective of practitioners and volunteers who run similar groups across Leeds.

The practitioners have years of expertise to bring to the group, and committed volunteers have their own life experiences and underpinning mindfulness, meaningful living and positive psychology to share.

This is an opportunity for anyone interested to make new acquaintances, share stories and take positive steps towards practising wellbeing, tackling any mental health challenges and living more meaningfully.

The sessions are informal and include practical ideas as well as topics such as existential philosophy, stoicism and eastern and transcendentalist thought.

Mindful activities are included, such as crafts, music and mindfulness exercises.

Also, there’ll be information on self-care techniques and thought-provoking discussions on personal growth, anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, stress and trust.

The start time is prompt at 2 p.m. on Tuesday 14 May.  All over 18s are very welcome and you can pay as you see fit.  For anyone who is hesitant, it’s certainly worth a try, with nothing to lose and – potentially – something to gain.  The event will take place regularly – in and for the community.

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