Gamezstation – Celebrating its 6th Birthday

The 6th birthday of this successful gaming company is being celebrated with charity in mind at Northern Monk on 14 September.

Whilst enjoying his gaming hobby, co-founder Scott Deighton had the idea for the company when he realised there was a way to help parents organise a birthday party, and from this an offer was launched on a voucher site, to provide a unique party experience for mobile celebrations.  It set a record with KGB Deals for an offer over a two-week period.

Leeds-based Gamezstation has experienced a growth of 80% in the past 6 years, having partnered Leeds United Football Club as well as local authorities.  There are now two custom-built gaming vans and a staff of five.  It’s no wonder that there’s to be a celebration, and the company knows how!

The two custom-built gaming vans bring the party to you, within a 65-mile radius of Leeds, each one kitted out with 12 gaming seats, six consoles, six TV screens, surround sound and lighting.  They’re the solution for a mess, stress and hassle-free party for people of any age.

From 2 – 8 p.m. on 14 September, guests will experience a selection of games in the two vans, together with live music food and drinks.  There’ll be a few words from Scott and Kirsty Deighton – and the added pleasure of knowing that funds will be raised via a raffle for a local gaming charity, TheRockinR.

TheRockinR was founded by the father of Reece, the 10 year old who suffered a brain tumour and passed away in 2018.  The charity provides mobile gaming units to young people who are immobile, in hospital or hospices for long periods of time.

Scott said  “The last six years have been incredible. We have launched a successful business from what started out as a hobby, with demand coming from parents who enjoy the hassle-free way of providing parties for their children in our vans outside their home. Schools have also embraced our vans, hiring us to deliver end of term rewards for their pupils.

We are looking forward to celebrating six years of business with our supporters who have helped us along our journey, as well as supporting this small, local charity which touched our hearts.”

As for the future, Scott and Kirsty plan to open permanent premises for parties which cannot be accommodated in the mobile vans.

Details about the event and tickets can be found here.  

For more information on Gamezstation,  visit here.

Photograph provided by MacComms.

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