Leeds Inspired’s Response to COVID-19

Some changes have been made to the Grant Scheme in response to the situation with COVID-19.

By temporarily suspending the Main Grant Scheme, funds for small grants have been boosted. This will enable the arts sector to have speedy access to funding so that the increased demand for online events can be accommodated.

The increased limited for a Leeds Inspired Small Grant is now £1,200 per application, and applications are invited monthly until the end of 2020.

It is important that you read the guidance notes below before completing the application form, and that you note the following new deadlines:

  • Thursday 16th April 12 noon
  • Thursday 7th May 12 noon
  • Thursday 4th June 12 noon
  • Thursday 2nd July 12 noon
  • Thursday 6th August 12 noon
  • Thursday 3rd Sept 12 noon
  • Thursday 2nd October 12 noon
  • Thursday 5th November 12 noon

If you have an arts project or arts activity which is part of a larger event and would like to talk by ‘phone to someone about the potential for submitting an application for a grant, please email: jane.earnshaw@leeds.gov.uk 

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Stay Informed

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