Nativity! The Musical at Leeds Grand Theatre

Me and my mum went to see a fun filled Nativity show based on the film with the same name. It was amazing; we loved every minute of it.

If you have not seen the film, this is a little summary of the plot:

Mr Maddens, a primary school teacher, is given the task of producing his school’s nativity play. The school is not doing well but he wants to beat his old friend and rival from a private school, whose nativity is always much better. Mr Maddens brags that his ex-girlfriend and now Hollywood film producer is coming to see the show all the way from LA. This gets everyone including the head teacher, the children and even the local mayor beyond excited and in great anticipation of the nativity performance.

This is why we thought it was so good…

The children were brilliant; they really did ‘Sparkle and Shine’. I sort of wished that I could be on stage with them, although I can’t sing and dance like they do. They must have spent ages learning their lines and dance moves because they were all in time together and seemed to know what they were doing and what came next, because they didn’t hesitate for a second! It must have been confusing for them too as they had so many costume changes. I would be scared that I would forget something.

Simon Lipkin – Mr Poppy

This time, my mum and I agreed who our favourite character was, and upon hearing people talking as they were making their way out of the theatre, I think most people would agree on Mr Poppy. He was very funny and entertaining. He also played a fun, likable character. I have already mentioned how good the children were but the dog, Cracker, was the cutest.

The stage show was ever changing from a school hall to LA, to Mr Madden’s house and even Coventry Cathedral and more! This was done really well. At one point in the nativity show the lights fail and the audience use the torches on their phones to light the stage, allowing the performance to continue.

To be honest, I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about the whole show. Neither can my mum. We heard one lady saying that it was the best thing she had ever seen.

I would really recommend that you go and see Nativity, you will have an amazing time. I would like to go back and see it again, but with my two brothers next time because they would enjoy it too.

A very Christmassy Kate Gilbert, aged 11

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