A Leeds Lockdown Landscape

Hi! I’m Dan. Australian born and bred, I moved to Leeds in August 2014 in search of better weather. When looking for creative inspiration, adventure or solace, I stuff my rucksack, lace up my boots, grab my camera and head outside.

I love exploring places new and taking photos – mainly travel and landscape photography. I also enjoy using my camera to capture the beauty in the ‘mundane’. My passion for outdoor and documentary photography grew from my desire to capture the beautiful natural (and sometimes manmade) environments that I was experiencing for the first time when I moved to the UK. The landscape, the seasons and the historical backdrop of the UK is so incredibly different from Australia. 

I’ve been working from my home in Chapel Allerton for the past 6 weeks as advised by the UK Government. During this time, I could see and feel the world changing around me, both from my daily walk and from my window. I set out on a photowalk one morning, motivated to capture images that honestly documented the subtle effect of the pandemic on the people and places of North Leeds; serving as a vital reminder for the community of all that is great about Leeds. This is what I saw.

Instagram: @single.lens.reflex
Twitter: @DanAccelerator

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