Preview: Hello Cosmos at Long Division on 1 June

Hello Cosmos will perform a rare live set at Long Division Festival in Wakefield on Saturday 1 June at 2 p.m.  

Fronted by Ben Robinson, award-winning UK music festival founder of Bluedot and Kendal Calling, the band’s four core members will be playing tracks from their upcoming Run For President EP.  The EP also features a collection of musicians from the Leeds music scene, such as Girl Sweat, James Smith, Emma Mason, Angela Chan and Jack Simpson.  

The eponymous track of their upcoming EP release has been described as  ‘a call-to-arms, a raging tumult of grinding, fuzz and flaying intensity that swirls around an Apache-style beat and a harmonic sound clash of punk-ish dance and doom rock. At the eye-of-the-storm, Robinson uses a rich language, peppered with various literary references to rile against the false idols of superstition and the dark forces of commercialism that manipulate our behaviour. The message: Break off the shackles, cut the bullsh*t, discard the fairytales, and believe in yourself’.  

Critics are enthusiastic:


“A hit, a palpable hit. The combination of Northern declaiming vocals over tough widescreen producing on Dream Harder is right up my street” Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing

“Sure they will be headlining one day, he’s clearly got something going on.” John Kennedy, Radio X

“Raw driving The Who rock with a twist of The Fall” – John Rob, Louder than War


Long Division (1st June)

Bluedot (20th July)

Kendal Calling (26th July)



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