Six by Nico: a Journey Along The Amalfi Coast

The restaurant, renowned for its six-course tasting menu that changes every six weeks, is now on a mission to transport guests to the scenic Amalfi Coast, bringing a taste of the Italy with its latest themed menu from Monday 1 July until 11 August.

Six by Nico’s exciting new four-course tasting lunch is launching in Leeds from just £20 per person, inviting guests to embrace ‘La Dolce Vita’ – the sweet life – to escape the every day and enjoy every moment. It’s the first time a four-course lunch option is offered, alongside a six-course menu. 

Toasted sourdough

The tasting menu will take guests on a culinary adventure along the Amalfi Coast, a stunning stretch of coastline known for its breathtaking scenery, colourful architecture and, of course, beautiful food and drink.

Taking inspiration from southern Italy’s most loved dishes, the new menu will take diners on a summer adventure and transport them to the postcard-perfect towns of Sorrento and Positano and the sweeping beaches of Capri. The six-course tasting menu, combines elements of both traditional and modern Italian cuisine to provide guests with a true exploration of the tastes of the Amalfi Coast’s flavourful history.

The menu includes the following:

Course One – Parmesan Polenta
Espuma, Truffle, Mushroom Ragout

Course Two – Heirloom Tomato
Green Olive Tapenade, Salted Lemon, Lovage Emulsion & Whipped Ricotta

Course Three – Spaghetti Nero
Toasted Sourdough, Chilli, Confit Garlic & Scamorza Foam

Course Four – Black Pollock
Bagna Cauda, Zucchini, Braised Fennel, Basil Dressing

Course Five – Trio Of Pork
Belly Of Pork, Pancetta Ham Jam, Nduja Cannelloni, Smoked Onion, Pickled Summer Squash

Course Six – Delizia Al Limone
Lemon Mousseline, Polenta Cake, Caramelised White Chocolate, Yoghurt Sorbet

The six-courses (£42) can be enjoyed with a matching wine pairing starting at £33.

The four-course lunch menu is available from just £20, perfect for those spontaneous summer lunches enjoyed with friends and family. Each diner will enjoy the amuse bouche and the dessert, with the option to choose between courses two or three for their starter, and four or five for their main.

The lunch menu will be available mid-week, between 12-4pm, and guests will also have the opportunity to select a special wine pairing to accompany their lunch.

The menu will take diners on a journey along the Amalfi Coast with authentic dishes starting off with the elegant Pomodori Antichi, a green olive tapenade with salted lemon, lovage emulsion & whipped ricotta. Possibly most famous for its super fresh seafood found along the Amalfi, the fish course is one to savour; Pollock Nero comes with bagna cauda, zucchini with braised fennel and a basil dressing. For the dessert, guests can enjoy Six by Nico’s take on the classic Delizia al Limone featuring lemon mousseline, polenta cake, caramelised white chocolate, and yoghurt sorbet.

Andrew Temple, Chief Creative Officer commented on the menu: “We’re hoping to evoke that feeling of summer and transport our guests straight to Italy when they’re dining with us on the Amalfi Coast menu. It’s not hard to find inspiration from such a beautiful coastline as we look to transport our guests straight to the Mediterranean throughout the experience.”

Six by Nico caters to all dietary requirements, offering a full vegetarian menu for each new menu concept. Customers can opt to swap courses from the meat menu to the veggie alternative. Other dietaries and certain allergens can also be catered to upon request, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the best possible dining experience.

Bookings can now be made for the Amalfi Coast menu on the website here:

Photography provided by Six By Nico.

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