Busted: at Millennium Square on 11 July

An alternate Live Edition of Busted’s latest album ‘Greatest Hits 2.0 Another Present For Everyone’ features ten tracks recorded at their three sold-out London O2 shows last year. You can listen HERE.

Charlie Simpson said at the time: “We are stoked to be releasing live recordings from our Greatest Hits UK & Ireland Arena tour. We had the best time ever on that tour and we are so pleased to be able to relive it over and over again with the live recordings! (Single) One Of These Days we wrote together in LA earlier this year when we were first starting to get back in the writing room together as a band. It’s a special one to us because of that and signifies a lot to come for Busted”. 

James described the tour as “undisputedly the most fun I’ve ever had being in a band” and it also provided him with another unforgettable brain-melting memory – the opportunity to work with ‘Back To The Future’ legend Christopher Lloyd on the tour’s intro video. Having had that much fun, who could resist doing it again? Busted‘s major outdoor shows for the summer of 2024 are listed below, and tickets are available HERE.

29th – Chiswick, Pub in the Park

11th – Leeds, Millennium Square
13th – Sunderland, Kubix Festival
19th – Newmarket, Racecourse
20th – Haydock, Racecourse

18th – Trentham Live
23rd – Margate, Dreamland
25th – Port Eliot, Tunes in the Par
26th – Taunton, Live At Somerset
29th – Hitchin, Priory
31st – Scarborough, Open Air Theatre

Greatest Hits 2.0 (Another Present For Everyone – Live Edition)
1. Air Hostess 2.0 (Live)
2. Meet You There 2.0 (Live)
3. Loser Kid 2.0 (Live)
4. You Said No 2.0 (Live)
5. Everything I Knew 2.0 (Live)
6. Sleeping With The Light On 2.0 (Live)
7. What I Go To School For 2.0 (Live)
8. Thunderbirds Are Go 2.0 (Live)
9. Crashed The Wedding 2.0 (Live)
10. Year 3000 2.0 (Live)
11. Year 3000 (Hits Version)
12. Loser Kid (Hits Version)
13. 3AM (Hits Version)
14. What I Go To School For (Hits Version)
15. Crashed The Wedding (Hits Version)
16. You Said No (Hits Version)
17. Sleeping With The Light On (Hits Version)
18. Air Hostess (Hits Version)
19. Thunderbirds Are Go (Hits Version)
20.  Who’s David (Hits Version)

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