White Rose: (1) Clothing Donation Banks and (2) Boys Need Bins

(1)White Rose Shopping Centre has joined forces with The Salvation Army to install clothing donation banks for guests to donate used textiles and unwanted clothing.

The initiative aims to provide a safe and efficient place for guests to donate gently-used items to be re-sold, with funds used to support the work that The Salvation Army does around the country. As well as gathering guest donations, White Rose is encouraging centre brands to use the banks for any end-of-sale pieces, with the aim of further reducing textile waste.

The Salvation Army is the largest charity-owned textiles collector in the UK, and its partnership with White Rose’s parent company Landsec has already seen 25 tonnes of unwanted textiles donated to the scheme – the same weight as around 13 elephants. The charity works tirelessly to provide practical help for people in need, including specialist support for survivors and potential victims of modern slavery, shelter for those experiencing homelessness, and other worthy causes.

As well as raising much-needed funds, the donation banks aim to help divert textile waste from landfill, supporting White Rose’s mission to make a positive impact on the environment. The centre already diverts 100% of its waste from landfill, with 70% of waste being recycled.

Steven Foster, Centre Director at White Rose Shopping Centre: “We’re pleased to launch this initiative with The Salvation Army, providing guests with an easy way to reduce their textile waste and divert from landfill while also supporting the vital work of The Salvation Army.

We expect these banks will be well used within the community, and are looking forward to seeing the uptake.”

White Rose’s clothing bank can be found at the left-hand side of Car Park 4, near the M&S entrance. For more information, visit https://white-rose.co.uk/

(2)White Rose Introduces New Facilities as Part of ‘Boys Need Bins’ Campaign

White Rose Shopping Centre has installed new sanitary facilities in its men’s toilets throughout the centre as part of Prostate Cancer UK’s ‘Boys Need Bins’ campaign.

The centre was alerted to the campaign by regular visitor Susan Childs, whose family has sadly been impacted by prostate cancer. 

According to Prostate Cancer UK, a survey of men living with incontinence found that 95% feel anxiety around the lack of sanitary bins in men’s toilets, leading to many reducing the time they spend out of the house, and nearly one third have been forced to carry used pads in a bag owing to lack of facilities to dispose of them hygienically.

In addition to feeling anxiety and distress, not having access to sanitary facilities can also have an impact on physical health, with 64% of people surveyed sharing that they have suffered with rashes and infections as a result of not being able to change their incontinence products.

One in three men over the age of 65 in the UK experience urinary incontinence – a significant number of the population.

Steven Foster, Centre Director at White Rose Shopping Centre: “A day out shopping and dining should be an enjoyable affair, and Prostate Cancer UK’s shocking figures show that barriers such as a lack of sanitary bins in men’s toilets can hugely impact someone’s experience. It’s important that all visitors feel welcome and comfortable at White Rose, and we’re pleased to have installed the new sanitary facilities and signage to support this and to help raise awareness of the Boys Need Bins campaign.

We’re thankful to Susan for bringing this need to our attention, and to Lubna and Prostate Cancer UK for helping us ensure the new facilities are fit for purpose.”

Lubna Latif Curtis (Prostate Cancer UK), Samantha Knight (White Rose), Susan Childs

Susan Childs, who brought the campaign to the centre’s attention: “Having hosted prostate cancer awareness stands for more than ten years, and listened to the problems that some men face, I was determined to support the Boys Need Bins campaign. It’s vitally important that men affected can enjoy their time and be relaxed, without worrying about the toilet situation.

I am overwhelmed at how supportive the White Rose team have been during the whole process. It was just one initial conversation that got things started, and I find it incredible that such a large organisation listens to their customers and acts on their suggestions so quickly. Thank you!”

Lubna Latif Curtis, Senior Health Influencing Officer at Prostate Cancer UK: “A man living with incontinence deserves the freedom to go shopping without worrying about whether he can get rid of his used pads hygienically and discreetly.

Despite the fact that one in three men over 65 experience urinary incontinence, there’s a dire lack of sanitary bins in gents’ toilets and a taboo surrounding the issue. We’ve found that almost all these men feel anxiety about leaving the house, with many telling us they’ve had to carry their soiled pads around in a bag.

We’re delighted that White Rose Shopping Centre is backing our Boys Need Bins campaign and introducing sanitary bins in their men’s loos. While we’re pushing to get the law changed, so that every man has access to a proper bin, in the meantime it’s exciting that real progress is happening here in Leeds and across the UK.”

Bob Feguson, White Rose’s Hard Services Manager

White Rose has also recently introduced its stoma-friendly facilities throughout the centre, with shelves, mirrors and hooks adhering to Colostomy UK guidelines to allow a safe, clean place for visitors to change their stoma bags.

The centre also has Changing Places facilities for children and adults with profound and multiple disabilities, sunflower lanyards for visitors with hidden disabilities and sensory toys which can be collected from the Customer Service Centre.

For further information on accessibility facilities at White Rose, visit www.white-rose.co.uk

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