Preview: Zara at The Piece Hall

On 19 and 20 April, Piece Hall will play host to a world premiere, staged on a huge scale.  Zara, a creation of Mind The Gap and Walk the Plank, promises much for the whole family.

We are really excited to host this world premiere ahead of its London dates. It’s great news for us and great for the North of England.  The Piece Hall has hosted a vast array of events since it re-opened – from contemporary music concerts to intimate site-specific performances, circus spectacle and street theatre – and even the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow – but I think it’s the first time we’ve welcomed a giant baby!”   Nicky Chance Thompson, Chief Executive of The Piece Hall

The baby Nicky mentions is pivotal to the event.  It’s 22 feet high, bigger than a double decker bus, and to be brought to life, it takes eight people to operate – but why a baby?  Well, the story is of a mother and child pitted against the world.  What more does it take?   It takes 100 actors, a military tank, 4 x 4s and cherry pickers.  3D images will be illuminated by projection onto the walls (by Illuminos) creating a backdrop which is central to the story.

When Piece Hall hosted ‘Illuminating Halifax’ with Halifax Minster and Square Chapel Arts Centre, it was with Illuminos, a company renowned for such performances and installations.  Nicky is confident that the public will be as impressed with Zara as they were with last December’s show.

There are poignant stories to be told with theatre and this is one; whilst it’s fun, upbeat, contains ridiculous dances and baby ‘poo’ – which we’ve affectionately named ‘Poo-mageddon’ – there is also a story about parenting, motherhood and people with learning disabilitiesWhen I started working on this project, I knew I wanted to make it big – I wanted it to be in your face so that people had to take notice. I always imagined it to be like a cross between Godzilla, the Paralympics opening ceremony, and a sci-fi film! I think ZARA will stay with you long after you leave.”   Artistic Director, Joyce Nga Yu Le


Refreshment stalls and pre-show entertainment – visitors are welcomed from 7p.m.

The production begins at 9 p.m.

Tickets are £8 or £28 for a group of four people

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