Red Riding Hood – at City Varieties Until 12 January

James Gilbert (aged 11) reviews  Red Riding Hood – The Rock n Roll Panto, at City Varieties Music Hall until 12 January.

I went to see Red Riding Hood – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto at Leeds City Varieties last night. It was non stop action with over twenty great, powerful songs. The show follows the well-known fairy tale with a few extra characters, for example The Prince (a.k.a the Woodcutter) and the baddies Sir Jasper de Ville and Jack Frost.

Ben Mabberley

My favourite character was Millie Merry (the grandmother) because of her fantastic comedy and she really did steal the show. I also thought Little Red Riding Hood was great, especially her singing. The best song she sang was Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. You could tell that the whole audience was very impressed. The wolf was not as scary as I thought he would be but I think this was because he was trying to befriend Little Red Riding Hood.

When I was watching the performance, I kept thinking how amazing it was that the cast are so talented because they could sing, dance, act and play loads of different instruments. They must spend a lot of time practising.

The audience was energetic and got really involved and felt part of the show because of the interaction levels, especially a guy called Steve sitting near the front. Millie was very keen on him. Millie was wearing Leeds United football socks with some of her dresses and the Woodcutter wore a Leeds United scarf for a little bit. My mum liked that, but I support Liverpool.

I didn’t understand some of the jokes but the adults liked them as they were laughing loads, especially the ladies.

Towards the end of the show, giant snowballs were released into the crowd.  I loved trying to pat them, just like the rest of the audience.  At the very end of the show, most people were on their feet dancing.  I left the theatre feeling very Christmassy.  I would really recommend this show to my friends but I also think it would appeal to everybody.

Ben Stratton

Editor’s note:  There will be a RELAXED PERFORMANCE at 10:15 am on Thursday 9 January 2020.  This performance is open to all, but is aimed to be especially welcoming for those with an autistic spectrum condition, a learning disability, dementia or sensory sensitivity.  The lights will remain up for the audience.  You may move around or leave if you wish.  It’s fine to make a noise.  There’s a chill-out space if you need a break.  Sound and lighting effects may have been softened or removed.

BSL interpreted performances will take place on Friday 6 December at 7 pm and on Saturday 4 January at 2 pm.

James Gilbert, Leeds Living Reviewer.

Call the Box Office on 0113 243 0808 for further information and to book.

All photographs by Ant Robling. 

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