Leeds International Festival Announces L20

It seems like only yesterday that we were covering L19, but after what is actually two months, we have the dates for L20, together with news of a new theme and the Open Call launch.

L20 starts on 30 April until 9 May 2020.  The overarching theme is ‘Generation Future’.  Organisers hope this will act as a catalyst for response, in other words, that applicants will ponder on what this means to people in different ways, and how this can emerge as discussion and as artistic interpretation.

Innovators and creatives – artists, comedians, musicians, performers and speakers – can be involved, with the launch of the Open Call, running from 2nd July-6th September.   L20 will showcase the DNA of Leeds City and local talent, as well as national and international talent.

Particular consideration will be given to proposals which embody diversity and the people of Leeds, as well as those who work in Leeds, and have embraced accessibility and engagement with new audiences.

Gemma Holsgrove by Ben Bentley

The Festival’s Executive, Gemma Holsgrove, said:  “For 10 days in May 2019, Leeds City Centre buzzed with Leeds International Festival.  It was incredible to be able to showcase the works of artists, speakers and organisations from the City, the UK and beyond. 

So many events provoked a dialogue, forged new connections between both artists and audiences, and sparked a desire for knowledge. Overall, L19 reminded us that we must be inquisitive, and ask those unasked questions, and for L20 we want to continue to build on that.

As an international festival with a huge reach across different generations, I think it is our responsibility to promote thought and discussion.

With humanity coming to terms with the fact that we are causing unprecedented global change, there’s one certainty and that is that the world of tomorrow will be very different and future generations will inhabit a very different world from that which we do today. 

There’s the opportunity to explore what we as a generation do to shape the future, rather than have it shape us. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, ‘The best way to predict your future is to create it’.”

Leeds International Festival Drop-In Sessions: Find out more about the Festival and how to apply:

Wednesday 17th July, 10am – 3pm – The Tetley
Wednesday 7th August, 10am till 3pm – The Tetley

For more details about the Open Call and to apply, please visit www.leedsinternationalfestival.com    The deadline for applications via the Open Call is Friday 6th September.  Applicants will be notified of decisions by 30th September 2019.


Feature photograph by Ben Bentley.

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