A World Premiere at Leeds Playhouse on 12 – 15 February

Black Waters, a powerful new dance show from Phoenix Dance Theatre, uses moments in history to show how people find hope and inspiration even in bleak times.

At certain periods in history, people have been imprisoned for speaking out against regimes, even killed for profit.  The co-choreographers of Black Waters have combined contemporary dance with Kathak dance, not to recreate any of the tragic events; more to explore how people of colour are conflicted in terms of place, worth and belonging.

Michael Marquez and Vanessa Vince Pang in rehearsals

There is a wealth of feeling that history should be remembered so that the mistakes – made by many a nation – will not be repeated.  In recognising this, it is apt that hope and inspiration survive and that a sense of value and belonging thrive.

Choreographers are:  Sharon Watson, Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre, Shambik Ghose and Dr Mitul Sengupta, Artistic Directors of Kolkata-based Rhythmosaic. 

Choreographer Sharon Watson in rehearsals

Kathak dance – one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance, traditionally attributed to ancient travelling storytellers.

Photographs provided by Leeds Playhouse.  Feature photograph is Choreographer Shambik Ghose in rehearsals.

Helen Morgan

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