Aladdin The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto at City Varieties

Last night I went to see Aladdin The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panto at Leeds City Varieties with my brother Max (age 6).

We have been to pantos before but not a rock ‘n’ roll panto. It started to feel like Christmas had started because we were wearing our Christmas jumpers and it was even snowing outside! This is what we thought about it:

Kate and Max

The Storyteller started the show well and made me interested straight away. It wasn’t long before the first song and it was one of my brother’s favourites ‘Happy’. As it’s a rock ‘n’ roll panto you would expect quite a lot of songs, at least 22. I recognised most of them. My Mum knew them all and kept embarrassing me by singing along.

My favourite character was Widow Twankey. She was very funny and spoke to the audience a lot. She even got a man up to join her on stage. My brother really liked Cuddles the Monkey. My Mum preferred the baddy, Abanazer. All the characters were good at singing, dancing and they were all in good time together. I was very impressed that they could all play musical instruments. They must have spent a long time learning their lines, songs, dance moves and also the music.

Cuddles the Monkey

It made me laugh quite a few times but the grown-ups laughed loads. I think that was at rude jokes aimed at adults.

The stage set is quite basic but worked well. One thing I didn’t expect was the boulder fight towards the end. That was cool! Huge balls came down and people were throwing them around the seats. I got to pat a few of them.

It’s quite long so I was ready for my ice cream at the interval. My brother was starting to get tired towards the end, because it didn’t finish until just after 9:30 but he still got up and danced like everybody else at the end.

I also thought it was cool that before the show they all came over to the audience and started talking to us all – that’s never happened before a panto that I have watched

I am not too fussed about more typically girlie pantos like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty so this one appeals to me. Would I recommend it? I certainly would. I will be telling all my friends about it when I get to school. Would I go see it again? Yes, I think I would. It’s more interactive than going to the cinema so it’s a fun thing to do with the family, especially around Christmas.

Aladdin is on at Leeds City Varieties until Sunday 7th January 2018. Tickets available online here:



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