La Voix – At  City Varieties Music Hall in January 2019

La Voix is to appear at Leeds City Varieties Music Hall on 18 January 2019.  The glamour, class and style she exudes are blended with comedy, impersonation and great vocals, backed by a live band, all put together for the contemporary audience.

La Voix has entertained around the world, alongside Mickey Rooney, Pamela Anderson and Brigitte Nielsen, appearing in music videos and on TV, where she impersonated Liza Minnelli on Channel 4’s The Friday Night Project.  She was invited as a special guest to Spandau Ballet at the 02 Arena and even performed for the Princes William and Harry on two consecutive New Year’s Eve parties.

In 2016, La Voix made her film debut opposite Julia Sawalha in Ab Fab The Movie.

Since her Britain’s Got Talent performances in 2014, the world has opened up for La Voix.

For an evening of glamorous entertainment, you can buy tickets here.

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