Leeds 2023 Supports ‘Get it Done’

The Get it Done initiative aims to develop a network of skilled producers for the Leeds City Region.

Seventeen aspiring producers from across Bradford and Leeds districts have been selected to take part in the 15-months’ long training project. It’s a timely investment, as Leeds 2023 is planning its landmark year of culture and the chosen producers will strengthen the local creative workforce who will deliver major cultural events for Leeds 2023.

Funding for this project includes training, workshops, mentors, and support to develop the individual skills of artists, musicians, performers and emerging producers. All of this will be delivered by the Bradford Producing Hub [BPH] and a team of experts, in partnership with Leeds 2023, which is supporting four places for emerging producers currently under-represented in the arts, from communities in Leeds.

Get it Done will do much to resolve the issue in Bradford of lack of opportunity for producers to develop their skills whether they are young people at the start of their careers or those already working independently.  

There were 40 applications from Bradford and 30 from Leeds. Those who were successful come from a diverse range of backgrounds and practices, including film-making, street theatre and dance.

Lisa Mallaghan, BPH Project Director: “I’m delighted Bradford Producing Hub have partnered up with Leeds 2023 to support a cohort of new producers for the Get it Done! programme. The selected group of 17 demonstrates the incredibly broad range of interests, passions, art forms and backgrounds that represent Bradford and Leeds. When these Producers start to make their work over the next few years, Bradford and Leeds will truly be the places to see some of the best, most radical, exciting live arts in the UK. Watch their spaces!”

 Kully Thiarai, Creative Director and Chief Executive of Leeds 2023, added: “It was really important that Leeds 2023 supported this project, not just to allow producers from Leeds to be involved, but to build a strong network for the region. We want to work closely together with Bradford to create opportunities across both cities, allowing us to deliver exceptional cultural activities now, in 2023, in 2025 (Bradford is bidding for City of Culture) and in the long term.  

One of our ambitions for 2023 is to unlock creativity and deliver a transformational year of experiences, connecting and benefiting people now and into the future. We want to see local producers creating and responding to the opportunities presented by events like Leeds 2023 and Bradford 2025, positioning these cities as a creatively rich environment where there are high quality opportunities to learn, build cultural networks and work now and forever.”

Producers selected:


  • Michael Marquez (Dance)
  • Nicole Raymond (Music, sound installations and performances)
  • Francesca Russo (Live theatre, interested in new writing, devised work, opera/musicals, site specific performances and work that looks at disability/illness/ableism)
  • Owen Spafford (Music)


  • Kafayat Adegoke (Live Art)
  • Paisley Boyd (Comedy)
  • Jess Boyes (theatre, storytelling)
  • Susan Dyde (Performed story/theatre)
  • Natasha Glew (Theatre)
  • Hadi Hedayati (Creative Arts – no specific art form)
  • William Daniel Leech (Spoken word, documentary, film)
  • Kauser Mukhtar (Street & Stage Theatre)
  • Sophie Powell (Outdoor arts, carnival, and parade)
  • Cat Scott (Multidisciplinary / media art)
  • Sajidah Sadia Shabir (Live performance/Theatre)
  • Ranbir Singh (Theatre/ Art)
  • Paul Christopher Wilshaw (Theatre)

Photograph of Leeds 2023 team by Keith Kaselampao.  Creative Director and Chief Executive Kully Thiarai [centre], Abigail Scott Paul, Director of External Relations [left] and Executive Director Mark Hollander [right] 

Helen Morgan

Helen's interests are wide-ranging, from food to music to art and comedy.   She is especially keen on writing about local charitable activity and events as well as the opportunities the City Region has to offer to those with hidden talents.

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