The Bear is Here! 18 – 22 February

Have you ever tried to give a polar bear a bath?  Or to sit on his lap?  Well, an enormous, snowy white bear is coming to Leeds Playhouse soon…..

Raymond Briggs‘ magical story is brought to Courtyard, Leeds Playhouse, by Pins and Needles Productions, with puppetry, storytelling music and laughter – lots of laughter.

Tilly is fast asleep in her bed when a huge bear climbs over the windowsill into her bedroom.  With a yawn as big as Tilly’s head and a very long, black tongue, you’d think she’d be scared, but I guess she knows it’s all part of the magic of the story.

Tilly is played by Josie Rattigan, Elena Stephenson plays Mum and Maxwell Tyler is Dad.

If you have a small person in your family who is ready to experience live theatre, or one who has already done so, then perhaps they would like to join Tilly on her adventure.  Tickets are available from the theatre’s box office.

Here are some of the reviews from the critics:


‘Move over War Horse, this polar puppet is magic’.  The Guardian

★ ★ ★ ★ ‘The delightful notion of a polar bear about the house is beautifully explored in this witty, inventive production’  The Stage

★ ★ ★ ★ ‘This brilliantly warm production has love and family at its core, with endless enjoyment for little ones and big ones alike’  The Review Hub

★ ★ ★ ★ ‘A visual feast for all the family to enjoy’  Theatre Bubble

Helen Morgan

Helen's interests are wide-ranging, from food to music to art and comedy.   She is especially keen on writing about local charitable activity and events as well as the opportunities the City Region has to offer to those with hidden talents.

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