Third Angel Presents ‘600 People’

Have you ever wondered what your place in the cosmos is? Alexander Kelly did, and after engaging in conversation with Dr Simon Goodwin he has written this one man show which he also performs.  

Its purpose is to examine if there are any extra-terrestrials out there and what it means to be human. It is described as ‘Stand-up meets astrophysical lecture’ and takes audiences on their own voyage of discovery, challenging how we understand our place in the world as human beings.  

600 People began with a fascination with the Voyager spacecraft and the recorded message which it carries to alien life. It uncovers mind-boggling worlds with names like Stellar Wobble and theories such as The Enhanced Human. Did you know, for example, that DNA mapping has shown that everyone alive today is descended from one of about 600 individuals alive in the Rift Valley in Africa 150,000 years ago? Not only is that a great fact with which to bore your friends rigid in the pub, it also answers the question as to where the title of the show comes from. Don’t worry, as that’s just the starting point so you can redeem yourself with many of the other truths revealed.  

Originally commissioned in 2013 for Northern Elements, a development programme funded by Arts Council England and managed by ARC, Stockton Arts Centre, it is directed by Rachael Walton and presented by renowned contemporary theatre makers Third Angel. So, why not go along to Live Art Bistro, Regent Street, Leeds at 8.00pm on 25th October, 2018 to experience one man, one hour and some astronomical ideas. Tickets cost £9.50 (£6.00 Concession) from  

The Leeds event is the middle venue of three, the first comprising two dates at Battersea Arts Centre, London at 8.00pm on 22nd and 23rd October and Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax at 2.30pm on 1st December.

Feature photograph by Ed Collier.

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