The Liquor Studio – ‘The best fun I’ve had in ages’

Chin, chin.  Anyone for gin?  I’m not a drinker and I barely drink.  I’m in the category below Light Weight! If I ever do drink, it’s organic red wine, a famous Irish stout that has iron in it and a popular yummy Irish cream. You know the ones.  The thought of drinking gin before the […]

D3 at the Music Leeds Urban Music Congress, The Belgrave on 7 December

D3 was performing as part of the Music Leeds Urban Music Congress, an event showcasing new and more established artists who come under the umbrella of urban music.   Denetta Copeland, who is D3, has been on the Hip Hop and Spoken Word scene for a while now.  She is a seasoned performer, writer and lyricist […]

Nymphs and Thugs LIVEWire at Hyde Park Book Club on 2 October

Spoken Word events are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.  This one was full of surprises.   Nymphs and Thugs is an independent spoken word record label, newly established in 2015; just a baby in years, but very grown up in attitude.  LIVEwire is their national spoken word […]

Jared James Nichols at The Brudenell on 25 July

I think I may have been to one too many gigs where the supporting artists always seem to feel like an afterthought or something to fill in the space of time before the headline comes on.  This wasn’t the case with Jared James Nichols.   At the Living Colour gig on 25th July, I didn’t even […]

Living Colour – All The Colours of Living

I feel lucky to experience Living Colour for the second time in my life – I’m still buzzing from my first experience of seeing this band live!  For me, no other live band has been able to surpass their level of performance. 25 July at the Brudenell was amazing, with the bonus of two incredibly […]