Possible All Along – an Exhibition by Disabled Artists

Possible All Along, an online exhibition of the work of 13 artists, was launched to mark International Day of Disabled People. The artists’ work includes photography, painting, sculpture and video, and manages to engage everyone with pieces which are in turn joyful, complex, thought-provoking and reflective. They have each commented on their work, offering insight […]

Goodbox – Goodness For Everyone In Leeds

New company Goodbox is using the buying power of the Leeds community to deliver locally sourced fruit and vegetable boxes to Leeds folk. The Goodbox team, led by Sat Mann, developed this idea from the first lockdown, which cemented their determination to support their neighbours and local suppliers, and deliver healthy food to some of […]

International Day of Disabled Persons

The International Day of Disabled Persons is today, 3 December, with a 2020 theme of hidden disabilities. We don’t necessarily notice those with chronic pain, hearing impairment, brain injuries, autism, learning disabilities or mental illness, so this year, the aim is to raise awareness of the impact for sufferers, many of whom remain silent in […]

Opera North’s Light up Lives

Opera North is asking for help to light up lives in schools, communities and homes by connecting people through music this Christmas. Music can have such a positive impact on wellbeing, which is why Opera North continues to provide this form of entertainment and escapism at this particularly challenging time. In order to extend its […]

Yorkshire Dance #GiveBack2020 on Giving Tuesday

Local charity Yorkshire Dance is helping people to dance their way through lockdown, all from the comfort of their own homes. The charity is getting people of all ages, learning (surprisingly!) Bollywood, voguing and breakdancing in a growing movement which asks people to get involved in #GiveBack2020 on 1 December, Giving Tuesday. Rachel Kingdom, Development […]