‘Literally savouring every mouthful’ – Flat Iron Leeds, reviewed

January, but with a distinct feeling we’re over the hump now. Dark and cold, but a little less uninviting than the very depths of winter. That’s the feeling in the air as I head into the centre of Leeds to try out Flat Iron, the City’s most recent London export, and newest tenant of the […]

A hotspot for upmarket Italian dining: Gino D’Acampo Restaurant and Bar

It’s one of those blustery, ‘shouldn’t-it-be-summer-already?’ evenings in late April, and I’m heading into the centre of Leeds to see what the fuss around Gino D’Acampo’s new opening is all about. With just a few weeks of service behind it, Gino’s brand-new Italian restaurant is part of the Marriott on Boar Lane and boasts a […]

Dining in Style at Harvey Nicks

It may not have been the first place that sprang to mind when thinking of potential Christmas dinner locations, Harvey Nichols (Leeds’ very own, no less) is putting on an impressive festive show this year. We head there on an unusually mild November evening, trying to distract ourselves from the reasons for this by focusing […]

In Conversation With Jake Fox, Co-Founder of Paperound

The world of work is changing. People are earning money from increasingly diverse income sources, embarking on more varied careers and learning skills our parents’ generation had no need for. In this fast-evolving world, aspiring workers and growing businesses alike need solutions that work for them. While big-name grad schemes and long-term placements are viable […]