The mother of all takeaways: Authentic tastes at Mommy Thai

The end of the week rolls around again. The sun is casting gentle rays over the City’s silent streets. The empty beer gardens wonder what they did to offend all the people who should be in them, quaffing pints and dipping fingers into communal bags of Seabrook’s. Another week of this mad existence we currently […]

Flavour, fire and freshness: Senbon Sakura has your lockdown back

It is a truth universally acknowledged that food is great. Even before the madness of lockdown, mealtimes punctuated my day like beacons of light amid stressful schedules and busy evenings. The busy-ness might be out the window in this new reality, but thankfully, food is still available – and in it we can find some […]

LIVEWire at Hyde Park Book Club – Words to warm toes in winter

Winter nights are made for poetry. Nothing suits a chilly February evening better than the roll of a story cast in rhyme and rhythm. It reminds us of simplicity, of friendship – of the joy of listening. It lets you escape cold skies and warm your toes against the inner workings of someone else’s imagination. […]

Sunday Roasting at the Beck and Call: Food coma incoming

A roast dinner.  Sunday staple, hangover healer and source of regional wrangles.  Whether yours is meaty, mashed or bedecked with a pillow of  Yorkshire pud, roasts are pillars of strengths in what can be an uncertain world.  In search of such sustenance on a chilly January Sunday, we make our way to the Beck and […]