Closed World, Open Kitchen

Mags Richards reviews Cath Kane and Thomas Chalk’s first cookbook. I’m very pleased indeed to have the opportunity to review a publication by two of Leeds Living’s writers, especially as I already know how passionate they are about their food. From the opening words to closing the back cover, that passion is confirmed in the […]

In Conversation With Andrew Quick

Andrew Quick is Director of Dracula: The Untold Story, which is a joint production between Leeds Playhouse and imitating the dog. This gothic horror story is being staged like a graphic novel, which might seem rather odd to fans of the original. Andrew obviously feels that this approach is consistent with what has always influenced […]

Leeds International Festival of Ideas – Line-up Finalised and ready to go!

With the Festival now less than a month away, Emma Young, Peg Alexander and Stephanie Hirst complete the final line-up of those showcasing panel discussions such as ‘Can we ever be who we want to be?’, ‘Does the future have enough food?’ and ‘Are we more lonely?’ Emma Young is joining the ‘Green or Growth?’ […]

Injections to Save Your Sight – at Spire Leeds

One Spire patient makes a 400 miles round trip to attend Spire Leeds Hospital, ensuring he has the treatment from professionals he knows and trusts. Richard Danon, 76, is a semi-retired chairman of a Bradford printing firm, visiting Spire Leeds every month from where he now lives in London, to have injections to save his […]