Tetley’s – Bringing the brewing back home to Leeds

The boys are back in town! 10th May 2018 will go down in the history of Leeds as the date that Tetley’s reintroduced the brewing of its beers to the City.   Since the old brewery closed in 2011 it has been produced at parent company Carlsberg’s other facilities in Wolverhampton, Hartlepool and Tadcaster. The original brewery […]

Eat North – 18 Weeks of Street Food Indulgence

Saturday 28th April saw the return of the highly popular Eat North, a weekly event held every Saturday between noon and 10pm at the North Brewing Co. Taproom and the yard out front. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that it is a foodie event, as well as a boozy do, and to that […]

Oporto’s Knaves Kitchen – 100% Vegan Junk Food

I do a lot of restaurant reviews but when I was asked to visit Knave’s Kitchen I realised that, although I have visited vegetarian eateries, I had not written about a purely vegan establishment before. I think that most of us have had vegan meals without realising it. When I need to crash diet to […]

An Officer and a Gentleman at Leeds Grand Theatre until 28 April

I approached this production not quite sure of what it was supposed to be. It is described as ‘An Officer and a Gentleman the Musical’. Musicals usually fall into one of two categories; the juke box variant when popular songs are linked by the writing of a story, and ‘conventional’ ones where songs are written […]

All Change Time at Trinity Kitchen

Leeds Living asked Stan Graham to sample the latest cuisines on offer at Trinity Kitchen. It’s that time again, the changing of the guard at Trinity Kitchen. There is the usual wide variety of street food vendors selling everything from Prosecco through to  French Raclette, Thai, Punjabi, Greek, Hungarian and even, wait for it, Scottish! […]