Leeds MENCAP 2.6 Challenge

Just Giving has been working with the people who organise the biggest fundraising events in the UK and together, they have created the 2.6 Challenge. Funds raised will help to save some of the UK’s charities.

Launch Day is Sunday 26 April

Some of you may realise this would have been the day of the London Marathon, which will now take place later in 2020. Instead, we can all take part in the 2.6 Challenge.

It’s easy – just think of an activity based on the number 2.6 or 26 that you can do whilst still observing social distancing. Ask family and friends to donate or you can donate directly to the campaign. 

Here are some ideas:

26 minutes of silence (might be bliss if you have a houseful of children!)
26 press-ups (not recommended if you don’t do these regularly)
26 hip circles with a hula-hoop (not if you’re not used to it)
26 times up and down your stairs (holding on to the bannister)
26 trampoline jumps (but take care)
26 minutes of dancing to music (be as embarrassing as you like)
26 catch and throw a ball (not into your neighbour’s garden)
26 shoulder shrugs (who cares? We do!)
26 minutes walking the dog (the dog will love you more)
Paint or draw 26 rainbows

Whatever you decide to do, stay safe!


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