Let’s Help Buy Jack a New Wheelchair

Ahead of the Tour De France, First Event is to host a 24-hour spin challenge – because microcephaly sufferer Jack needs a new wheelchair.   

Local lad Jack was born with microcephaly, which is a condition which prevents the growth of the skull, stunting the growth and development of the brain. Jack also has global development delay and Epilepsy owing to the lack of brain development.

Pimp Jack’s Ride! will take place on 3 July, aiming to spin a total of 480 miles in 24 hours on two spin bikes. 

The event was initiated by Jack’s aunt, First Event employee Charlotte Jackson.   Charlotte explained that a new wheelchair would help Jack, who has outgrown his current wheelchair, and of course help Jack’s family to provide a better quality of life.  She said:

“Jack has never had a Prescribed Wheelchair. This would be his first one. As a family, we have purchased Jack’s chairs, all clubbing together to get him what – at the time – we thought was right. […] A recent assessment showed that Jack’s chair was too small for him and he needs something bigger and more suited to his needs.

In addition to the support and comfort for Jack, the new chair will have a motor to aid us as a family when going up hills or over difficult, uneven terrain. The motor will relieve the stress on our bodies, especially our backs. The new chair won’t just make a massive change to Jack’s comfort, but will also be a huge help to us as a family.

We’re so overwhelmed that there are so many people willing to help us. It has shown us that there really are amazing people in our City, country and across the world.  Jack’s new chair won’t only increase his quality of life, but the entire family’s.  Thank you to the local community for kindly getting involved and helping Jack!”

First Event will be joined by local businesses who will be taking part and supporting the event, including DW Fitness Yeadon, who will be providing spin bikes.

To find out more about Jack and donate to his cause, please visit his fundraising page here. 

Photograph of Jack provided by First Event.

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