Leeds Children are Running Miles for The Homeless

Thousands of children from 10 schools in Leeds are going to run the distance equivalent to Leeds to the North Pole to support the City’s charity for the homeless, Simon on The Streets.

This is a fundraising event inspired by Christmas, when from 6 December, nearly 3,000 primary school children will take part in ‘Elf Run’. They’ll be dressed as Christmas elves as they run around their schools and local areas. The charity is visiting each of the schools so that the pupils can learn about homelessness and how they can help.

Five Lanes Primary School in Wortley, Leeds will see all 456 pupils take part in the charity Elf Run. Organised by teaching assistant and leader of the school council, Julie Falkinder, who said:

“Children see homelessness all over. We want our pupils to be aware of it and know what’s happening around them, especially in their local area. We would like them to appreciate just how lucky they are to go home to a nice warm bed every night. If our children and their families see homeless people outside a shop or café, we would like to hope that they will show kindness and be more thoughtful to those less fortunate than themselves.”

The pupils and staff of Five Lanes, including nursery children as young as three years old, will be walking, skipping, hopping and running the approximate distance of Leeds to the North Pole (2501 miles) in their festive elf wear to raise money for the local cause. Julie explained that the children are always eager to support charities and participate in fundraising:

“Our children are so lovely and caring and we know that they will go home and talk to their parents about the event, which starts the conversation and ultimately makes everyone more aware of the realities of homelessness and what we can do to help.”

Natalie Moran, CEO of Simon on the Streets commented:

“To see so many schoolchildren learn about the realities of homelessness and actively get involved in a fun initiative which will help raise valuable funds to support the local homeless community is truly heart-warming. We’re so grateful to Five Lanes and the other schools for their support and can’t wait to see them running, dressed in their festive outfits!”

So if you bump into an elf or three this month, don’t worry – you really have seen them!

For more information about the charity, visit www.simononthestreets.co.uk or tweet @simonotstreets

Information received from McComms on behalf of Simon on The Streets. Photograph: Pupils, staff and Simon on The Streets at Five Lanes Primary School assembly.

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