The Results are in for Who in the World has the Coolest Car Park

Leeds Victoria Gate is the 3rd coolest car park in the world!

When the Victoria Gate car park was planned and under construction, it was not the most popular development in the City.   It is perhaps a fitting compensation, therefore, that for its purpose, it now ranks so highly on an international scale.

DesignCurial and, who together created the shortlist, were looking to challenge the notion that public car parks are boring, grey, concrete blocks.  They chose architecturally striking buildings whose designers have innovatively fired imaginations, producing inspiring places which intrigue, excite and transform.

At the very top of our list is Leeds, naturally, and we are proud of its international third place.  First place is Quick Parking Morelli, in a Naples cave, and second place was earned by AZ Sint-Lucas in Belgium,.

Victoria Gate Leeds Car Park
Dawn Photos

Victoria Gate car park was designed by architects ACME.

Al Jahra Court Automatic Parking System

Kuwait’s Al Jahra Court automatic parking system was designed by Robotic Parking Systems Inc.

AZ Saint Lucas
Dennis Desmet Photographs

Abscis Architecten designed AZ Saint Lucas in Ghent.

Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking Garage

In Brisbane, architects of the Airport’s parking garage were Hassell-Ned Kahn and Urban Art Projects.

Cliniques Universitaire Saint Luc

Cliniques Universitaire is in Brussels and the architects were De Jong Gortemaker Algra & Modulo.

Five Cubes of Garagen Atelier

Peter Kurz designed Switzerland’s Garagen Atelier.

2KM3 Saint Gervais (c) Jean Yves Raffort

Curators are Hugues Chevallier and artist Frederic Battle.

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