200 Degrees: A New Menu and a Warm Smile

Aaron Mistry, the assistant manager of 200 Degrees Coffee on Bond Street, is wearing a bright shirt that pairs nicely with his tattoos.

His imaginative body art comes as little surprise, considering his creative involvement in the franchise’s new and innovative spring menu. Aaron greets me with a smile, warm like the hues of his button-down, personifying the ambience of the venue.

Aaron Mistry, Assistant Manager

Inside the shop’s comfortably warm temperature, Leeds’ unpredictable weather is quickly forgotten. Living-room-inspired couches are arranged against familiar paintings and earthy-toned lampshades, which, in their reflection, tempt you with homemade-looking sandwiches and pastries displayed neatly behind clear glass—far from the typical fare found in corporate coffee chains.

Standing at the counter of 200 Degrees Coffee feels like returning to a childhood friend’s home—the one with the best snacks and most welcoming family.

200 Degrees Bond Street’s coziness doesn’t detract from the fresh flavours in their new spring menu—featuring five drinks and three new pastries—kickstarting summer’s arrival. From a Cheese Caramelised Onion Muffin (best served warm) that sinks with your knife as you cut through the middle, to the subtle sweet hints of toffee and molasses in the Salted Caramel Coffee Shake—their new selection evokes nostalgic memories, but with a current and exciting twist. It takes a sweet tooth to enjoy whipped cream and a Cadbury flaky bar topping in their coffee, but 200 Degrees’ slowly roasted coffee beans dominate the sweetness in their coffee shake.

For those who aren’t convinced, the team offers a variation of the caramel shake that is less indulgent: the Salted Caramel Oat Twist. Fully vegan, this spinoff is served with half cold, half hot milk, reinventing the textures of traditional iced coffee with its temperature change. With its oat milk substitute, the beverage remains rich without needing a cream topping—making the new spring menu almost completely vegan.

Presented with a Dulce de Leche Cruffin, I understand that salted caramel is the taste of the season. Its flaky top, slightly darker than the golden base, prompts vapour to form on its porcelain saucer after I’m (easily) convinced to eat it warmed up. Countless layers meet in the centre, resembling a tulip in appearance. It’s hard to believe this cruffin is robust enough to contain such a rich, dulce de leche filling.

“Salted caramel is everyone’s favourite but we’re taking it to the next level” says Aaron, a member of 200 Degrees’ menu development team. Aaron shares that he and the rest of the Bond Street team have a passion for what they sell. As a fully trained chef and baker, Aaron dedicates his spare time to keeping up with food trends, ensuring ‘out of the ordinary’ options that stand out from competitors.

“I’m really into the weird and wonderful stuff. Not everybody’s into that, but Leeds has such open-minded people” adds Aaron. Leaning back in his chair, his eyes light up as he tells me more about their tightly-knit team. During quieter hours, the Leeds team experiments with flavours, crafting seasonal feature drinks that have spread onto menus across the entire company—with hopes of expanding this success soon.

Aaron’s enthusiasm shines through the rest of the spring menu, evident in the Pistachio Cream Cookie and refreshing drinks. The cookie is generous in size as well as its nutty flavour. It contains a cream filling that doesn’t overpower its taste making it a gentler substitute for the Dulche de Leche Cruffin. With a golden exterior consistent across all their pastries, each one is unique—proof of an independent pastry supplier.

Manifesting warm weather, 200 Degrees completes their spring menu with three thirst-quenching beverages. The franchise is introducing a Cold-Brew alternative made from their new house bean, Betty B. Goode, named after the Bettebuna farm in Ethiopia where it’s grown. The brew delivers tones of (you guessed it) caramel, passionfruit and lime.

The non-caffeinated drinks on the menu include a Lime and Mint Fizz along with its sibling: the Passionfruit, Mango, and Lime Chill. I recognise both from 200 Degrees’ Instagram, impressed by the resemblance in presentation and keen to nibble on the fresh lime bits floating around the ice. Not too sweet nor artificial, the caffeine-free alternatives rank highest for my taste. But as the days lengthen and my reliance on caffeine extends, I’m eager to return for all items on 200 Degrees’ spring menu—impatiently curious about what we’re to be introduced to next.

Address: 31 Bond St, Leeds LS1 5BQ


Saturday8 am–8 pm
Sunday8 am–7 pm
Monday7 am–8:30 pm
Tuesday7 am–8:30 pm
Wednesday7 am–8:30 pm
Thursday7 am–8:30 pm
Friday7 am–8:30 pm

Phone: 0113 345 1441
Website: 200degs.com

Photography by Britta Carlson.

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