Bangin’ Bottomless Brunch at Pieminister

Leeds’ latest bottomless brunch offering comes from Pieminister.

The restaurant offers two brunch sittings, the earliest at 11am and the later at 3pm. We went along to check it out at 3 pm. Despite being an unusual time for a brunch it could work well for those who prefer to start their day drinking in the afternoon or want to use it as an early pre-drinks.

At £20 per head, the brunch is a slightly cheaper offering than most bottomless brunches. This includes one main from the brunch menu and unlimited drinks during the one and a half hour sitting. Although the menu offers some appetizing skillets and the perennial brunch classic, avocado toast, we felt it was only right to order a pie.

I went for the ‘Munch Brunch’ a potato hash topped pie with smoked cheese, vegetarian sausage, chestnut mushroom and baked egg, topped with a skewer of halloumi and tomato.

We also ordered the ‘Morning Glory’, the meat version of Pieminister’s brunch pies, served with sausage, bacon and a cheddar and potato hash top.

Both brunch pies came with a side of fried bread and smoky baked beans. The beans were delicious, a spicier take on the traditional Heinz breakfast offering. The fried bread was also a welcome addition, making a great serving platter for the beans. Both pies were very crusty and a little difficult to cut, but the fillings were tasty and offered a good variety of flavour. The pies seem particularly suited to the 3pm timing and are great if you’re looking for something different from the standard Full English.

The skillets were also popular among diners and looked tasty. Vegans are catered for with the vegan skillet served with vegan sausage and cheese. Pieminister allows diners to mix their drinks during the bottomless brunch so we were able to try the full range of cocktails on offer.

All photographs by Esther Marshall

The Bloody Mary was particularly spicy and definitely capable of shaking off any remnants of the previous night’s hangover. The mimosa was an elegant drink served with an orange slice. Aperol Spritz, like the pies, isn’t a brunch classic but was delicious. Prosecco was also on offer for those who wanted a sophisticated touch to their brunch.

Some bottomless brunches are guilty of neglecting customers in order to save on serving alcohol, but the staff at Pieminister couldn’t have been more attentive. They frequently checked in to take more drink orders, even allowing diners to order more than one at once. We were also reminded when there were only ten minutes left of our sitting to make sure we made the most of our unlimited drinks.

For a good value twist on a classic, book your Bangin’ Bottomless Brunch online here:

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