Eat Drink Meet: A Puppy Pub Crawl for National Walk Your Dog Day

Eat Drink Meet is a brand-new website which aims to inspire your next catch-up location. The site offers a range of different filters, and with National Dog Walking Day approaching on 22nd February, Eat Drink Meet used AllTrails to create a Yorkshire “puppy pub crawl”. 

Searches for ‘dog friendly restaurants’ have risen by 160% in the past 30 days. Searches for ‘dog friendly pubs’ have also risen by 150% in the past month.  Eat Drink Meet aims ease the stress for dog walkers of finding dog-friendly locations with amazing views along the way. 

The trails (and pubs) can be enjoyed all year round. What better way to finish a weekend stroll with your four-legged friend than with a pint for the humans and a warm welcome for the pup? 

Yorkshire dog-friendly routes include: 

  1. Cow and Calf and Ilkley Moor Circular: 5.3km in distance, finish with a trip to the Cow and Calf pub. 
  2. The Valley Gardens: at 5.3km this trail offers beautiful scenery of the English Heritage Grade II listed gardens. Finish at The Pine Marten. 
  3. Roundhay Park – Waterloo Lake: at 2.7km in distance, this walk takes 44 minutes. Visit the Roundhay Fox. 

Visitors to Eat Drink Meet’s brand-new planning website can filter the pubs in their area and search specifically for the ones that are dog friendly. Using AllTrails, they identified the best dog walking routes that start and/or end at one of those pubs in the area.  

The White Hart, Pool in Wharfedale

EDM: “National Walk Your Dog Day is the perfect chance to appreciate the companionship offered by our furry friends. Finding pubs that are dog-friendly can be tricky, but when it comes to making a day of it with your pup, particularly in a new location, it can sometimes feel like trial and error and can make an otherwise wholesome day quite stressful.  

Our new tool that allows users to filter the pubs in their area (or an area they’re looking to visit) based on what they’re looking for is designed to help exactly this problem. We want our dog-loving and dog-owning customers to relax and enjoy time with their pups, knowing they don’t have to worry about finding a spot for lunch at the end – with Eat Drink Meet, they’ve already planned their stops. Because, really, there’s no better way to finish a walk than resting in a relaxing pub with a hot drink or refreshing lager.” 

Top Yorkshire walks for National Walk Your Dog Day

Ilkley Moor  

Located between Ilkley and Keighley in West Yorkshire, Ilkley Moor is part of Rombald’s Moor, spanning 1,319 feet and offering stunning panoramic views. The Moor is also part of the South Pennines Special Protection Area – in the hopes of preventing it from ecological damage.  

The area is home to several walking routes that range in difficulty, and almost all of which start – or end – from the famous Cow and Calf on the Hangingstone Rocks, overlooking Wharfdale.  

These walks include: 

·         Twelve Apostles and Beyond Heritage: 7.6km in distance, circular route starting at White Wells car park and covering the highest point of the Moor.  

·         The Ilkley Moor Circular: 15.6km in distance, taking about 3 hours and 55 minutes to complete and generally considered a moderately challenging route. Also comes with the Cow and Calf on the route, making it an ideal pit stop.  

·         Cow and Calf and Ilkley Moor Circular: 5.3km in distance, a shorter version of the Ilkley Moor Circular perfect for elderly pups or those walkers not looking to lose their whole day to a walk.  

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Cow and Calf and Ilkley Moor Circular  

Dog friendly pub near to Ilkley Moors: The Cow and Calf, Ilkley

Photograph by Mimi Bosman

 Otley Chevin Forest Park 

Commonly known as ‘The Chevin’, it overlooks the historic market town of Otley and is a popular spot for walkers, photographers, and tourists.  

The Chevin reaches 280m above sea level and offers fantastic views of the Wharfe Valley. It is a popular viewing point for sunsets.  

Otley Chevin is a dog friendly location – provided dogs are under control and will return to their owners if let off their leads. The 5 car parks can provide start/finish points for a walk, and it is easy to tailor a walk to suit preference in terms of difficulty and distance.  

At the Chevin there is a wide range of walks possible, including: 

·         The Otley-Chevin Loop: 7.6km in distance, generally considered a moderately challenging route that takes an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete.  

·         Otley and Chevin Forest Circular: 7.7km in distance, this walk is generally considered a moderately challenging route taking an average of 2 hours and 9 minutes to complete.  

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Otley and Chevin Forest Circular  

Dog friendly pub near to the Chevin: The White Hart, Pool in Wharfedale 

Roundhay Park  

Roundhay Park has been awarded The Royal Horticultural Society’s “Best Public Park”.  

It is one of the largest city parks in Europe, covering more than 700 acres. The park consists of lakes, woodland and gardens and is close to Tropical World (an indoor wildlife park) and is a great place for dog walkers and ramblers alike.  

Some of the best walks in Roundhay include:  

·         Roundhay Park Circular: 4.8km in distance, this is the perfect walk to explore both Waterloo Lake and the Upper Lake and takes approximately 1 hour 19 minutes to complete. 

·         Waterloo Lake: 2.7km in distance, it’s generally considered an easy route taking an average of 44 minutes to complete.  

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Roundhay Park Circular  

Roundhay nearby dog friendly pub: The Roundhay Fox 


Harrogate is a Victorian spa town in North Yorkshire, England. It is home to Bettys – the famous afternoon tea café that first opened in 1919 and is now known across the UK.  

Harrogate offers a wide range of outstanding parks and walks. RHS Garden Harlow Carr is must-see: the garden is home to an extensive plant collection offering stunning views all year round with a garden centre on site (open 7 days a week) that’s dog friendly.  

In and around Harrogate there are several wonderful walks to enjoy, such as:  

·         The Valley Gardens: 5.3km in distance, the Valley Gardens (English Heritage Grade II Listed Gardens) are one of the most famous attractions in Harrogate spanning over 17 acres and home to a magnitude of plants and flowers. It is dog friendly and is a very popular walk for locals – particularly on a Sunday. 

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The Valley Gardens  

Harrogate nearby dog friendly pub: The Pine Marten  (feature image)

For more information on dog-friendly pubs near your area, visit the Eat Drink Meet website: 

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