Goodbox – Goodness For Everyone In Leeds

New company Goodbox is using the buying power of the Leeds community to deliver locally sourced fruit and vegetable boxes to Leeds folk.

The Goodbox team, led by Sat Mann, developed this idea from the first lockdown, which cemented their determination to support their neighbours and local suppliers, and deliver healthy food to some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Goodbox uses a pay it forward system, which allows their customers to give back to those in need.

Sat is also Director of Lean Lunch and Chairs FoodWise, who are driving the City towards achieving the Sustainable Food Places silver award, having already achieved the bronze.

Esther Bissell, FoodWise:
“It’s been great to have the pleasure of speaking with the families and hearing how excited they were to get their first delivery. The Fruit and Veg Boxes received are worth almost double the value of a Healthy Start Voucher at no extra cost to the family. The weekly delivery has clearly had an impact on the life of their family, not only in terms of their physical health but also on their wellbeing with one parent commenting ‘…it is
something positive amidst the challenges of the pandemic.'”

North Leeds residents can sign up online for a weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables, and some dry goods such as pasta and coffee. These will be supplied by local independent suppliers and producers who lost trade when lockdown began.

The deliveries are made without packaging or plastic, using a zero emissions delivery van. Affordable, healthy food and no adverse impact on the environment. What more could you ask?

Sat Mann:
“I began chairing Foodwise Leeds, which aims to make Leeds Sustainable Food City, in September 2019. It’s emphasised to me that sustainability is about far more than minimising packaging and waste. It’s about helping people in food poverty, creating a circular economy and nurturing health and wellbeing.”

Goodbox will expand beyond North Leeds as soon as possible, so that more of Leeds’ residents can have deliveries of healthy food and the benefit of greater sustainability.

Find out more about Goodbox here.

Photographs supplied by Sat Mann, Founder of Goodbox.

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