Parcels – at Stylus on 7 November

Parcels, the Australian 5-piece who base themselves in Berlin, released their self-titled, hotly-anticipated debut LP on October 12.  This precedes their global tour, which heads into 2019.  Leeds’ fans can see them at Stylus on 7 November.

Their sell-out venues include Koko, London.  They have toured with Phoenix, appeared on US TV Conan and collaborated with Daft Punk to co-write and produce ‘Overnight’.

The twelve tracks of ‘Parcels’ the LP were written by the band, perhaps the most significant being the new single Lightenup, which the band says is important to them because the lyrics come from the band, rather than being personal to any individual.   Described as infectious, genre-crossing, and as if beamed from another planet, the band members are:

Louie Swain (synth)

Patrick Hetherington (synth)

Noah Hill (bass)A

Anatole Serret (drums)

Jules Crommelin (guitar)

Having been at school together, three years ago they decided to move to Berlin.  Their sound follows an eclectic thread, from The Beach Boys and Chic to rock heroes like Steely Dan, into which they blend refreshing elements of electronica, funk and live musicianship into classic but contemporary pop.  Parcels seek perfection in composition, arrangement and production. Live, they impressed Daft Punk so much that they offered to work with them on the spot, which was a first for Daft Punk, who have never before chosen an emerging act as collaborators.

Photographs provided by Sonic PR

Parcels’ new album – and their live show – promise to bring us a spot of sunshine.  It’s worth seeing if they do!

Parcels tracklist:
1. Comedown
2. Lightenup
3. Withorwithout
4. Tape
5. Everyroad
6. Yourfault
7. Closetowhy
8. IknowhowIfeel
9. Exotica
10. Tieduprightnow
11. Bemyself
12. Credits (ft. Dean Dawson)

Upcoming Parcels tour dates: 

5 November 2018 UK – MANCHESTER, ACADEMY 2
6 November 2018 UK – BRISTOL, SWX
7 November 2018 UK – LEEDS, STYLUS
8 November 2018 UK – LONDON, ROUNDHOUSE

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