#360RAW11 – at The Lending Room on 29 November

Richard Watson and Alan Raw have announced the eleventh of their special events.  Richard, promoter of the 360 Club in Leeds, and Alan, presenter of BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, are as usual showcasing West Yorkshire’s talent, this time with all four bands coming from Leeds.

Emerging artists on the night are Dactylion, Glassheads, Mega Happy and Multinut Butter, and Alan will DJ before and in between the live sets.  Alan plays new music from local artists, so anyone can bring him demos which he may play on the night – or pass on to producers to consider including in his shows.

#360RAW is all about supporting emerging acts.  Richard and Alan both freely offer their time and advice with no hidden agenda.

DACTYLION:  COME INSIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZLd8kfuSRU&t=956s


A shoegaze sound that transcends notions of time and place …” THE NATIONAL STUDENT

This female-fronted band bring you sad sounds, arguably the saddest, which ‘combine soft, sweet vocals with raw, distorted power’.

GLASSHEADS:  I STILL BELIEVE: https://soundcloud.com/user-879124895/i-still-believe


Underneath the pop rock with inspiration from alternative rock bands and experimental guitar textures,  there’s an impressive knowledge of music which this band uses to create music and present it in a fresh and interesting light.  Having only formed in 2018, they’re already making an impression in the North.

MEGA HAPPY:  STUBBORN: https://soundcloud.com/megahappyband/stubborn

Mega Happy

Audiences are resonating with this LS6 band’s independent DIY ethos.  Mega Happy produce a uniquely distilled sound alongside the tradition of DIY parties.  The result?  A buzzing, high energy atmosphere, delivering well crafted pop songs with a combination of angular guitar riffs and 50s melodies. 

If you’re gonna cover Transmission by Joy Division, you better make it good. Damn good. Mega Happy ab-so-lute-ly nailed it. Stunning to hear live …” LEEDS GIGS

MULTINUT BUTTER:  OUT OF TIME: https://soundcloud.com/multinutbutter/out-of-time

Multinut Butter

Cool, drifting dream pop with jazz and psych elements reminiscent of John Lennon and Tame Impala …” HOT WAXX

Delivering ‘some of the finest in excessive reverb and difficult to decipher vocals’ Multinut Butter blends pop hooks with rowdy rock jams.  Comparisons have been made – with Mile High Club and Tame Impala – but you may prefer to experience this sound for yourself.

Visit here for tickets for #360RAW11 – and enjoy some of the latest Leeds and Leeds-based talent the show will bring.

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