Kirkstall Valley – Opportunity to Receive a Sustainable Micro Grant

An ambitious micro-grant programme has been launched to tackle climate emergency, empowering Kirkstall Valley residents and supporting innovation.

Kirkstall Valley includes the communities of Armley, Burley, Bramley and Kirkstall – even as far as Rodley and Horsforth – and whether you are an innovator, activist, community builder or a climate pioneer, you are eligible to apply for a grant.  You just have to have an idea to counter climate change.

Forward-thinking solutions towards reducing carbon emissions in the Aire Valley may attract grants of £250 to help with prototyping.  If you are a resident or a business aiming to support the community and sustainability, then Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT) and Open Source Arts (OSA) are keen to have you apply.  The deadline is 19 June.

If you have no experience with grant funding but you have what you believe is a great idea towards tackling the impact of climate change, then you can submit your application via video, audio, drawing or writing, just as long as the medium you choose conveys your meaning – so that it is readily understandable.  You’re not alone, because staff will make themselves available on Tuesday and Thursday every week to support you through the process.

Here’s a checklist for your idea:

  • Sustainable
  • Project must take place in the Kirkstall  Valley Area (Armley, Bramley, Burley, Kirkstall)
  • People who live or work in the area favoured (Armley, Bramley, Burley, Kirkstall)
  • Projects need to be achievable
  • Money has to be spent within 3 months and project progressed and project completed within 6 months and reported back on within this time.
  • We encourage first time applicants with innovative ideas.
  • We encourage collaboration and a commitment to sharing learning and follow on work.
  • The project doesn’t harm or damage people or places
  • No more than 1 application per cycle
  • Projects must be completed before applying for further funding

The awards will be held quarterly, the first one on 3 July.  It’s not only for applicants, but also for the general public, any supporters you may have and potential mentors.  The decisions about the award of grants will be made there and then, so there’s no anxious waiting.

Open Source’s Sustainability Engagement Officer, Jessica, had this to say:

 “This is such an exciting scheme.  We want to fund community-based sustainability projects right across the Kirkstall Valley.  We want to tackle climate change and make the Kirkstall Valley a greener and fairer place to live and work.”

To apply, or to volunteer as a mentor for an application, visit the website here.     Remember the deadline is 19 June for this round. 

Find out more about Open Source Arts here.

There’s more information on the Kirkstall Valley Development Trust here.


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